September 24, 2019


we met along the way

this guide who would take us

between where we were

and where we went

his brave smile gave us hope

his words called our attention

to what we might have otherwise missed

the map he followed well used

he must have thought it truthful

he could not stray from it

but as we came to know him better

we saw it wasnt always entirely honest

yet he was determined to let it stand

and often we found ourselves rushing

past the wonders beyond its edge

with insufficient time allowed

to learn of what we were missing

well enough to know if it should be missed

which we also thought was rather odd

he had the map, he knew his trail

had led many others along it

could we not have left earlier

or planned to arrive later

or held the map more closely to reality

rather than overlook what was passed by

what good is a guide who has no time

to lead where things get interesting

or who does not care

to ensure he is leading well


A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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