April 24, 2014


Here I Stand

(a creed of sorts)


First of all I stand on God

Who lives! Always has, always will

Eternal, uncaused, alive!

Father, Son, Holy Spirit

Almighty Maker, Righteous Saviour, Blessed Helper

My Father, my Brother, my Comfort

Indivisible, individual, indisputable

I have been made by Them, like all else

Once good, now fallen

Formed from dust and by His hand

Steward of all He spoke

Bright mirror of His glory

Tarnished by death's foul promise

Once fallen, now reclaimed

Though made His image to carry

Insufficient for my desires

Rebellious to the end of death

So loved that death has died

Reclaimed and encouraged

Once a rebel, now a son

By His own life adopted

Son by bond of purest blood

Encouraged by the Voice of God

At once made, destroyed, remade and Holy

On God alone can I stand

Have eaten of other bread

Have drunk of other wine

Know them death concealed

And come again to God

In Whom alone is truth


Here I Stand
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

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