April 5-6, 2019


I Have So Much To Tell You …


I could tell you

of wonders grand

how the sun looks

coming up over town

the slow warming of life

at noons approach


I could tell you

how the Cardinals morning song

can move ones blood

better than coffee

how the Doves coo in the evening

is the perfect lullaby


I could tell you

of the glory of Orion

the Hyades


the Pleiades

as they slowly


so slowly)

parade west

and how amazingly Saturn floats

on the velvet black of night

or how you can see

the Great Red Spot

a gazillion miles away

on Jupiter

through my little scope


I could tell you

how nice a doggish snuggle


in the evening

beside the fire

with a steaming mug of tea

of the comfort of a family

at home

at night

after a long day

too hard


I could tell you

how a poem grows

as it struggles

from thought

to paper

to joy

how I know

when its grown enough

to show someone else


I could tell you

how a paddles splash

and the smooth glide

of hull through water

can soothe a savage soul

how the sight of salmon


light glinting from their scales

can be a thrill too great for words


I could tell you

of the sheer delight of speed

on a bicycle

racing downhill

with no security from


but the wind blowing wildly by


I could tell you

how good a Saturday is

partway through

when chores are finished



I could tell you


so many


so many

wonderful and glorious



and I would have


if you had



I Have So Much To Tell You ...
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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