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June 30, 2020



heres what I don't get this time

another thing I cant figure out

CBC is carrying this story today

“B.C. principals apology for blackface yearbook photo criticized by students”

followed by appropriately worded comments

from appropriately righteous students

and by a fuzzy image

of the principal (at the time the vice-principal)

in blackface

(our cultures current shame)

standing smilingly beside

another man, at that time the principal

in whiteface

(they had, apparently

agreed to dress up as each other

for Halloween that year)

they look happy


what I dont get is this

if each of them agreed

to lampoon the other

and both are happy

(which is, currently

the agreed upon basis of justification)

why is the man in blackface apologizing now

thirteen years after the fact

while the man in whiteface isnt

aren't they both ridiculing another 'race'?


I Don't Get It
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

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