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October 18, 2022


I Have No Desire To Do This


first off, let me say this

“I am not a perfect man”

that being said let me also say this

“I am a man who is saved by grace”

and having said that let me also say this

“If I am not loyal to God, above all,

I am not loyal to Him at all”


now onward


close friends are raving about “The Chosen”

about its relatable Jesus

about the lives His followers left

about His magnificent words

I know that Jesus is relatable

He lived as a man like me

I know of lives left behind

my own has been forgiven

I know His magnificent words

resound with Truth and Love

but I cannot jump on their bandwagon


my close friends dont talk too much

about “The Chosen” making Jesus say

“I am the law of Moses!”

and I have no desire to hear

words from Jesus mouth that He couldnt say

about “The Chosen” making Jesus do

magic tricks for children

and I have no desire to see

actions from Jesus hand that He couldnt do

about “The Chosen” making Jesus be

anyone other than He is

and I have no desire to have

Jesus become a person that He couldnt be


Jesus is God!

the holy, righteous, perfect God

the God who became Man to save me

however beautiful “The Chosen” makes Him

however lovely it makes His words

however tender His actions

I cannot stay faithful to Jesus

if I enjoy seeing Him as He is not

I risk my reward and my salvation

to see Him other than as He is

my Saviour and my God



Many believe that a person cannot judge a thing unless they have experienced it who also know that one need not drink from a sewer to learn that its contents are harmful to their health.


I have the same view toward things like “The Chosen”; questionable content is not made less harmful by being wrapped in beauty.


I Have No Desire To Do This

A poem by Peter Rhebergen

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