April 1989


I have suffered Adams curse

in ways few would understand

great misery has been brought me

because of one mans fall

I alone, I feel at times

bear this awful load


oh Lord my God!

these thirty years Ive sought to serve

faithfully your commands

I love you

I love my brother

oh my god

why has misfortune come to me

most unfairly of all on earth


I am no more righteous

than my brother

or my sister

I too,  stand in need

of sovereign love and grace

while I may not merit

what I receive

I cause in others pain as well

so in the end I do


I have suffered Adams curse

and suffer from it still

but I enjoy the love of God

who cares

that too is undeserved

though mourning, I rejoice


I Have Suffered Adam's Curse
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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