November 1983


I know that without God I would die

As surely as now I live

It is He who gives me life

It is He who gives me all

The greatest of them all is you

You who are my friend

You who show Gods love

And help me see what I must do

To be more like Him

May He reward you richly

For all youve done for Him

By doing it for me

Youve brought me nearer Him

And without you my life would be less

I thank God Hes let me live

At the same time and place as you

I hope I can do at least for you

A little of what youve done for me


Gods greatest gift is friendship

In which we show our love

Keep on loving, it comes from above



John Vandermeer in mind,

among others


I Know that Without God I Would Die
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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