July 6, 1988


I saw the tree tonight

where we used to climb

half of it was gone though

like us

it died, I think

shortly after you

I wonder what will happen

after I die


for now it lives

and so do I

its remnant is still great

thats the part we used to sit

for hours while old folks talked

now I talk with them

strange how we change

yet stay the same


Opa and Oma were married

twenty years today

I talked to Opa for a while

excitedly sharing views

seven decades spread

he too changed

once he walked in our world

now I enter his


I miss you Ben

Ill see you

some day


praise God!



July 6, 1968 to July 6, 1988.

Twenty years for Opa and Oma!

Five or so for Ben.


I Saw the Tree Tonight
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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