September 17, 2003


Ignorance of Grace

to Martin Cauchon et al


you claim victory in the midst of your defeat

never aware of what you have lost by your gain

unrealizing that the One against whom you rail

is unchanging despite your protest of

His word that has established all that is


which also gives to you your breath and blood

yet you deny His grace, His law, His love


feeling by His mercy too close constrained

seeking freedom where all roads freely followed

we may become what we are becoming

your grand words of equality and fairness


very sweet and pleasant but still lies

despite your flowery sentiment


mask the ugly face of humanism as

narrow-minded in its blind broadness

as you claim is God in His open grace


Whose love knows no end

but that which you have chosen


you enter a door our parents never knew

seeking life and, shocked, find only death

in that day you will weep to God

for the mercy you once scorned for “freedom”

but far too late for you and those you led

away from their Creator


while there is breath there is hope

reconciliation received is forever ours


once breath has gone there is despair

reconciliation refused is forever lost


Ignorance of Grace
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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