September 19, 2019


I Am Also Sorry


given the talk of the news today

I feel I must apologize as well

for I too have been thoughtless

inappropriate in multiple younger years

though I was not one, I became one

partook the joy of vast pretense

I must admit it before comes out

take responsibility for my immaturity

back in my teenage years

I was by times a Greaser

in my defense

“Happy Days” was all the rage

and we all went right along

but what of those poor Greasers

whom my insensitivity may offend

forgive me if you can

discard me if you must

(personally, I prefer forgiveness

to being discarded

the unforgiven I have no hope)

but know that today I know

what that younger me did was wrong

and Im sorry for any and all resulting harm


I Am Also Sorry
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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