September 3, 1988


Im sick to death of covering up

I want to rant and rave

I am mad

angry at the world

how could it be so wrong

on my last night at home




Im sorry I wasnt there

youll miss me

after I go

yet all I do

is stay away



I love you

as I have told you


I needed you

like never before

to talk to

to be with

to soothe my fragile soul

I busted tonight

the sadness of leaving is real

much more than I can take

I needed to tell you

to open up with someone

shove aside my brave

but put-on face

but after the party

were watching videos

with friends

I had no idea how

to take you away from that

though the desire was strong

I needed you

I couldnt begin to reach you

so now I write

and pray


for I am miserable

and I know not what to do

I love you

I need you



My friends

forgive me

if I didnt dance around

the evening was all wrong

but nothing would have been right

no matter what

I had too much on my mind

to enjoy it at all

I am too selfish

to enjoy it your way

thank you for your care

and for your love

forgive me



After the “All Purpose Party” of tonight when it

finally hit that I was leaving & and a misunderstanding.


I'm Sick to Death of Covering Up
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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