April 10-11, 2021


Church is Closed but God is Close


their pews have been emptied

their doors have been closed

fences, bars and locks surround

the building where they met God

they are no longer allowed inside

around them the world protests

voices unite, rise to their defense

pray that God will have His day

will rise again to save His Church

His unfairly beleaguered Church


but are they sure they understand

are they sure who is fighting God

who's the fist raised against Him

whos the voice denies His calling

whos the hand breaks fellowship

whos the spirit that wont forgive

whos the mind that does not know

whos the callous overzealous pride

that could claim their right to meet

call them from a neighbours care


who is it misapprehending Truth


though building has been shuttered

the Body can never be silenced

united voices joyful join in praise

worship God whos gracious hand

securely builds them soul by soul

into the glorious family of His Son

His Church has never been the walls

the doors, the pulpit or the pews

of buildings scattered upon the earth

it has always been, and it will ever be

every rescued soul, uniting in worship

to the honour and glory of their God


Church is Closed but God is Close
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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