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October 7, 2021


Isnt it Funny That … ?


isnt it funny that

a church can be tax-exempt and no one cries

but regulating its capacity is state interference


isnt it funny that

we are made to use seatbelts and life goes on

but making us wear masks takes our liberty


isnt it funny that

one can be baptized and thus considered saved

but cannot discuss governance if not a member


isnt is funny that

we can enjoy freedom bought by our warriors

but forcing actions against our will is tyranny


isnt it funny that

we can hold the Bible in the highest regard

but entertainments that dont can be praised


isnt it funny that …


… but no, it isnt funny, it isnt very funny at all

to obscure the Gospel with such contradiction


Isn't It Funny That ... ?

A poem by Peter Rhebergen
Copyright 2021
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