October 10-13, 2019


“Its not your body,

its not your choice!”


harsh words on hard canvas

loud upheld before the world

screaming their ugly message

shouting their unrelenting hate

demand their self-denial's choice

to destroy a body not their own


"No human owns the right

to end the life of another!"


reason has no way to speak

with hate that cries for death

is bogged by Pain and Fury

it has no power, it cannot help

these trapped within the chains

their Hate will not release



Many in support of abortion argue that

since it's the mothers body the decision

whether or not to abort can only be the

mothers. They forget that the body that

is aborted doesnt belong to the mother,

that body belongs to another human being.


It's Not Your Body!
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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