February 3, 1999


Jim Parker came to school last month

hed been expected for days


my boy was some excited

he wanted a guitar


so we made him one, smallish

out of an old Kleenex box,

elastic and some cardboard

strips all taped together

and off he went

guitar, backpack, and some shades

after spending an evening

with a marker or two

tongue between his lips

adding life to daddys makings

smiling ear to ear

though not a dinosaur in sight


at times like that Gods best reward

is being father to a child like that


and to his sister

more recent to the scene

her babies clothed in her

old cast off undies

heaped upon her beds

my little long haired girl

her brothers favourite friend

last night in her nightdress

her imaginings released

she became a bird

soaring ever graceful

upon our kitchen floor

to and fro

little legs


by schwebes

however short or long


Gods greatest gift

His allowance to love

without condition


Jim Parker came to School last Month
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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