July 25-26, 2019


End It. Just END IT!


“Save the baby seals!”

“End chuck-wagon races!”

“God created the animals too!”

we move worlds to save the earth

yet far too seldom give a hoot

for those of us as yet unborn


tender care for feather, fur and fin

is by cold remorseless hate subverted

when bothered by unwelcome child


dear God, were killing Your creation

well think twice lest we harm a beast

but shed not a tear for the children

we discard with callous unconcern

remorseless souls pouring their blood

on our altars of convenience


dear God, we have no understanding

forgive us, save us; oh God change us

before our later becomes too late


Just. End. It.
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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