August 28, 2018


Just Kidding :)


have you ever stopped to wonder

how much evil has been excused

by saying “Just kidding :)”

it seems people can get away with


if they just say “Just kidding :)”

once theyve done their damage


after tears begin to flow


to sting their way

across a life desert dry

it is too late

applying their “Just kidding :)”

like salve on a wound it can never heal

does nothing

but show that “Just kidding :)”

was never in their plan

in the first place


now I may be more thin-skinned than most

(it has been said

though Im not certain how true it is)

but if I am

and its known that I am

that just makes it worse


Just Kidding :)
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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