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June 1986


Late at night and I come home

lights on in the bedrooms

only the sound of the drip tap

greets me as I walk in.

Upstairs in my bedroom

nearly ready to sleep

Mom ambles over to ask:

“How was the wedding?”

“Fine,” I say, “just fine.”

Biting back the tears

that could come or not at all

“Its a lie!”  I want to scream

but no, I stand and smile

and say  that “Im okay.”

Most times I am

my life alone is okay

I have my friends I love

for them Id gladly live

But what happens when

my last friend is wed

and Im alone

will I still smile

and bite back tears?


Will there be laughter

Will there be pain

Will there be someone else


Late at Night and I Come Home
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2020

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