April 25, 2019




you learn, after a while, what to look for

if you know that X + Y = Z, and Z is painful

then eventually youll try to keep X away from Y

youll start looking for situations, places or


where Z is an intermittently inevitable result

youll start avoiding those situations, places or


youll play your music, loudly, or

youll read your book, emphatically, or

youll become a poet, however good or bad

youll beg God to show you where youre wrong

so you can change yourself and not be (as) wrong

youll find yourself doing or becoming something

you might not really want to do or be


to drown out the incessantly persistent pain

try to find a way that makes life bearable

a way to keep X and Y from each other

a way to keep the prowling Z at bay


even if it means that you stay quiet

when youd much rather speak


even if it means that you do nothing

when youd much rather act


even if it means that you wear a smile

when youd much rather cry


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