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May 24-25, 2018


Leave the Doorway Open


Inspired by “Come From Away”

(contains spoilers)


theres a moment in “Come From Away”

where a knock-knock joke between friends

two who have lived

what ought never have been

enters quietly

into the middle of their grief

overcomes their tears

and stands bravely

in the doorway of their hope

a tender moment shared

between sophisticates of different sorts



“Come on in!”


they laughed

and with them

we laughed



a suddenly open door

and hope!


so soon after

we had wept

so many years after

we had all wept



and hope renewed!


because after youve wept

youve got to leave the doorway open


be willing to say “Come on in!”


allow the world to touch you


risk the flood of tears


be vulnerable to joy



or grief can never heal

and hope can never come




September 11-15, 2001

38 airliners

7,000 passengers

One amazing community


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