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April 24, 2006


Like the Air


it concerns me,

I, not knowing Your wonder daily,

fear I do not know You at all

tales of glory told by others

bring to me tears of grief


“How can they know You

and I not know?”


if I were saved as they,

would I not know as they?


“How can they feel You

and I stand unmoved?”


if I were saved as they,

would I not feel as they?


wanting to scream into the empty sky


“If I am Yours why do I feel so alone?”


yet fearful that I will prove untrue,


You created all things,

and through Your will they exist and were created. (Rev. 4:11)


I am not alone even though I feel it

for You are like the air


which unappreciated for its constancy

none the less exists and sustains


You are always there, essential to my life

Your wonder in my daily breath

Your life the surety of my own


and I will praise You


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