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November 8-9, 2022


Live Action posted an Instagram

a woman smiling magnificently

her smiling baby in her arms

graduating (both) from law school

regardless the circumstance

such joy was glorious to see

it made my afternoon, my day

perhaps even my week


yet why, why did so, so many

have to post their “Yeah, but …”s

why do so, so many people

feel the need to suck the joy

from all things bright and beautiful


why can we not share in her triumph

celebrate her glory

rejoice their glorious smiles

why must we shout “Yeah, but …”

at every happy thing?



Live Action posted a lovely photo of a young woman and her one year old daughter graduating from Harvard Law. Both were capped and gowned and each one wore a glorious smile. It is a beautiful photo and it made me smile.


Then I read the comments and was overwhelmed by the many "Yeah, but ..."s from people who, instead of celebrating this wonderful thing, chose to throw dirt at it.




Or as a King once said: "Why can't we all just get along?"


Live Action

A poem by Peter Rhebergen
Copyright 2022
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