November 1988



who am I

that you call my name

that you love me

I am but a man

sinfully living

after my kind

how great you indeed must be

to love me as you do


there is nothing I have Lord

that is not from you

all that I possess

everything that I do

is all from you

youve filled my life

with joy and love

surely I dont deserve it


a creature of your hand

standing proud upon this ball

so tiny next to you

how could I dare lay claim

to all that you have given


I stand in awe, Lord

of who you are

you are crowned as king

by the stars themselves

the sun and the moon

are mere candles in your sight

you speak

and the earth is silent

you speak

and things happen

yet in all your greatness

have you to forget me

the smallest of all on earth

I sing your praise falsely

far too often

even now I may not be true

to what I write

my life, great God

is filled with sin

yet you love me

I am amazed

truly you are God

almighty over all the earth

if I didnt before

I believe it now


you are my God

over all the king

I am your servant

whatever that may mean

the humble praise I offer now

accept it from my heart

not as this pen can tell

only in my heart

exist the words to praise you

as best this person can

whatever service I can do

be it small or large

I am yours to command

accept as you can

the humble and imperfect devotion

of this man you made

and love


Lord, Who am I
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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