March 9, 2021


Love Your Neighbour - Love Them To Death - Or Not At All

(a satire)


love your neighbour, the brethren often say

by their words echoing the words of our God

love them as you would also love yourselves

do your utmost to uphold their well-being

day in and day out do what is best for them

dont hug them if you have the common cold

inoculate yourself, and them, against the flu

but if you might carry a bug that may kill them

then be sure to share Gods gospel with them

dont allow yourself to be distant from them

for it is with your teaching you love them best

your love is best shown by telling them of Gods

yours is not the concern for the silent millions

or that those ruling over us tell us not to gather

lest we be the cause of anothers untimely demise

its all a vast, one-world-order conspiracy anyway

be close, breathe their air and touch their things

give them a hug, or a handclasp of reassurance

be sure to let them know that Jesus loves them

be bold, convincing them of Gods perfect love

tell them that when they die they might join Him

it doesnt matter if you stand in their dying day

that they may have lived, loved or laughed longer

had you not had the courage to love them so well

tell them of your Gods unimaginable love for them

and how your presence is His loves best example

as you boldly brave this anti-Christian conspiracy

as you risk ridicule or incarceration or even worse

to share the gospel, and who knows what else


and dont forget, dont you ever once forget

that anyone who disagrees with you is wrong

and worse than wrong, the most evil of people

false-Christians standing in line with the Godless

shamelessly restricting your freedom to worship

the God of love for fear of some stupid little bug


Love Your Neighbour (a satire)
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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