July 22, 2019


I met my very first “the lunar landing was faked” believer this weekend

at lunch, and I must admit, I was so taken aback

when they spoke of “conspiracy” and “coverup”

that I couldnt even think to say

“Dont you think that the Russians

would have found out and revealed the truth

if the landings were really faked?”

after all

it was their reputation to gain

as much as it was Americas to lose

but thought a day or two later

that my surprise was itself surprising

after all

Ive been meeting God-deniers my entire life

who claim even greater conspiracies

against infinitely greater proof

looking back on Saturday I cant think why I was so surprised

by a denier of mans reality

after being confronted so often

by men denying Gods


Lunar Denial
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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