August 1982


Master of the Storm


Lord, I am at sea

Wayward and lost

The boat has holes

The sail is torn

Waves tear at the tiller

Wrenching it from my grasp

Lord, I am helpless

The storm is much too great

For me to face alone


Lord, please take this tub

And bless its course

Guide it to peaceful waters

And fruitful shores

Let its catch be great

A glory to your name


Lord, the storms are great

But You are greater

Your love beats all that can happen to your child

Its fullness will present its power

As we sail together

Through the sea of life


Thank You Lord

That You are all

That You are mine

That I am Yours



fBased on a talk by Chet McPhail during

the 1982 Y.C.F. convention called:

"Let Down in Deep Water"


Master of the Storm
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

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