October 22, 2010


“Russell Williams offers apology but no explanation.”


Jim Rankin, Sandro Contenta: Columnists; Toronto Star


“We still dont understand the why.”


Lt.-Gen. André Deschamps; Chief of Air Staff; Canadian Forces


“He cannot stand before this court and expect forgiveness.

Indeed, from a fundamental and moral perspective,

one could debate whether hes even entitled to ask for forgiveness.”


Michael Edelson; Lawyer for the Defense


there are no words

no understanding

for such evil

short of The Garden

where such evil

first began


no understanding

but hate for God

for such evil

since the beginning

has no purpose

but death


no comprehension

of forgiveness depth

that it could come

even to such a one

as this evil man

were it asked


Monster II
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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