September 18, 2006


My Question


“Islam is not a religion of violence”

Muslim apologists the world over


“Then why does it appear so?”

Me, and many others


once again we are confronted by

flame, hatred and murder


once again displaying the truth

that violence has no place in this religion of peace


Im so glad that theyre working this hard

to set my mind at ease on this


who knows

but that I could have formed a wrong conclusion


what really irks me

is that when I speak

many then paint with that same brush

those of my faith

who have coerced

used terror, blood and death

and ask if I am not indeed




but I am not

for one shining admission of my faith is


“all have sinned

and fallen short of the glory of God”


men have misunderstood the TRUTH

mis-appropriated the TRUTH

refused to be set free by the TRUTH

refused to set others free with the TRUTH


these were not definers of the Christian faith

but its blemishes

our daily walk is one of love


how then can Christianity be compared to Islam

where for centuries

hatred has been its daily walk


how can the incessant shedding of blood

be compared to relentless love?


My Question
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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