August 23, 2021


No Other Place to Go


“theyve” been comparing us to the Jews

who, living under Hitlers iron fist

woke too late to the warming of the water

realized too late that to stay meant death

who, had they known, could have fled

could have lived long and prosperous lives

instead of being murdered in their millions

with scant regard even for their humanity


but “theyre” wrong, were not like Jews

even if we live under rulers iron fists

even if we wake to the warming water

even if we realize that to stay means death

where on Earth could we find safety

where will our lives be long and prospered

if, as “they” say, its a global conspiracy

no land would have regard for our humanity


and yet “theyre” right, were like Jews

if, though alive beneath rulers iron fists

we are also awake to Gods higher call

to love our enemies even to our deaths

for there is no final safety on this Earth

no hope for our long and prospered lives

our hope alone to trust the perfect care

of He Who gave His all for our humanity


No Other Place to Go
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021
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