May 6, 2020




we inhabit a new normal these days

working from away, or not at all

sharing the fellowship of six feet apart

exchanging distant hugs with friends

all the while wondering “When?”

“When will life go back to normal?”


we long for lifes return to normal

as though normal were something real

forgetting each days normal guides

shepherds yesterday into tomorrow


Moses too had his normal sudden rent

exchanging gold for Sinai, staff and sand

yet ever true he walked with God

whether palace, desert, mount or sea

wherever normal was, he faithful walked

with The One who endlessly unchanging

causes every change lead back to Him


why then should we to yesterday cling

as today calls our tomorrow “Come!”

we need not fear the shifting sands

ever changing beneath our fragile feet

for glory waits each one who walks

as Moses did, step-by-step with God


A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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