December 4, 1997


it may be seen by many

to be the primal roaring of the man

from deep within his cave

rejoicing over the woman he desires

the mother of his sons

the future of his line

as is our accepted history


but what it really is

the roaring of a savage beast

craving fleshly joys

supplied by fairer sex

not in Loves grand design

but the selfish, craven, drooling

of the creature fleeing God


the womans beauty claim

the searching eyes of lonely man

not for some evolutionary urge

for beauty to satisfy beast

ensuring survival

but by the selfless gift of God

that man may share His love



Man is encouraged to love

his wife as Jesus loves His

Church, kind of dispels the

evolutionary concept of the

lovely cave-woman seducing

the rugged cave-man that

life may be ensured.


Not Man's Primal Roar
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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