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September 23, 2021


Not Quite Rosa, Buddy


A reflection on an insult to Rosa Parks

and the reduction of her brave stand

to the level of a circus side-show.


“Im choosing to sit in the restaurant against the segregation of society thats happening …. Why would I give some random stranger personal medical information? .... This is our Rosa Parks moment …. Im just gonna [sic] sit here, drink my coffee and read my Bible, and hopefully theres no problem.”


Darryl Mackie, at an Oshawa Tim Hortons, on being asked to provide his vaccination status and being charged for not doing so. Yet who on Facebook boasts of “my religious exemption to this vaccine” to any stranger wandering by; like me, who was curious.


one would presume


one sincerely hopes

that one who reads the Bible

would read it with more care

would read that submission,

to God and His authorities,

love, peace and humility

are the hallmarks of the faith

rather than this vain and angry



Not Quite Rosa, Buddy

A poem by Peter Rhebergen
Copyright 2021
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