May 22, 2021


You say I'm of a ninety-five percent

who value life more highly than The Call,

but I must ask you this

is it wrong that it's my neighbour's life I love

and loved not more than God, but loved

because God is already loved


You say I'm in need of repentance

because I have backslidden from The Call,

but I must ask you this

am I backslidden because I disagree with you

or because you think you see a sin in me

that God has already forgiven


You say I should see COVID as a filter

straining the Publican from the Pharisee

but I must ask you this

have you so little love for those who've died

you would burden our familial grief

with a less than holy God


You say the chaff is being burned

using a horrid example from a futile war

but I must ask you this

how do you save with your callous words

those you say will be burned like chaff

while God yet shows His grace?


Of the Ninety-Five
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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