September 18-20, 2019


Of What Value?

(Message in a Bottle)


it may be wondered, by some

why I would publish anything

of the photos Ive taken

or the poems Ive written

this is a legitimate wonder

Ive often pondered it myself

at night

in tears

enshroud within the uncomforting dark

to the point where I think I should accept that all is worthless

tear it all up

throw it all out

carry on with my life

almost convincing myself that this is solely for my own benefit

made thereby pointless

thinking that this time, this time Ill get rid of it

all of it

remove from this world every last bit of what's of benefit to none

but am halted in my act of destruction

by one relentlessly haunting question

what if someone lives

who unknown to me

needs to know that despite my pain

I still live


or, more close to home

what if I need to know it


Of What Value?
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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