October 31, 2016


Oh Father, this world, it cries

“Whether made this way

or made that way

I am as He made me

and that makes me okay”

using how they find themselves

to justify how they stay

after meeting You


You! The righteous Creator of all

incapable of sin

unable to do evil

without even the barest hint

of shadow or corruption

they say You made them thus

and in denying You Your glory

deny themselves Your salvation


it is not mine to hate or judge

such things are better left to You

of infinitely greater wisdom

unendingly generous mercy

purer, more relentless justice

than I could ever claim


all I know is this:

You made me to be a man

my sin is of my own cause

(and how dare this creature

lay his failings at Your feet

as though You could bestow

evil upon Your creation)

You found me in my death

You justified me to Your life!

and whatever I was before

it has been infinitely removed

from what You have made me be


and I thank You!

and I praise You!


with all my once dead soul


Oh Father, this World, it Cries
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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