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June 27, 2016 - August 21, 2020


oh! give to me an endless sky, reflect on sylvan stream

with gentle dip of paddle glide, before translucent gleam

slender craft, of dream construct, midst water lilies borne

sing life's song of joy again, drink full of lifes good horn


I would beneath this great blue sky, long forevers deep,

once again bow forward go before my evening sleep

where cool in simple comfort rest, sweet upon my bed

rejoice this days blessings that so well my soul have fed


brightly flow these days of light, as gems on golden strand

joyful life leaps wild and free, uncared of slipping sand

each day dawns in matchless worth, full beyond all measure

silver cord, most lavish blessed, gift of boundless treasure


day fades too soon to falling night, life yields its gloried bliss

on shrouded shore reluctant greets deaths unwelcome kiss

and leaps for joy at new days dawn, bright by Love endowed

though I sleep, yet will I rise! oh Death be not so proud


Oh Give to Me an Endless Sky!


Oh! Give to Me an Endless Sky

A poem by Peter Rhebergen

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