November 16, 2000


OK, so it was a busy morning today

things happening left, right, and centre

all around me going quickly

coffee scent doing too little to perk

and no time free to drink

one out the door

breakfast fed

coffee poured

hugs and kisses shared

four remaining, one crying

desperately holding a bottle

Linus with a more practical blanket

coats on, shoes on, and tied

lunches packed safe away

and look, a mess on the chair

sends dad over the edge

and a child is told again


and out the door we go

hurriedly forgetting nothing

packed into the car and off


the day passes and I am home

before I usually leave

lugging mail, notebook, and printer

through lazy rain into the house

and look, the chair is neat

how he had time I dont know

but he did it and I thank him

smiling only when his things I see

upon the banister

who knows where next theyll land


OK, So it was a Busy Morning Today
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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