January 6-7, 2021


On Psalm 91


terror assails and tumult surrounds

fear, confusion, hate all rule their day

there is not one to whom we can run

not one who will save us from ruin

there is not one to whom we can hold

not one who is worthy of our hope


and we fall through the crack

gaping wide and ravenous

fickle saviours eroding its edge


fear gains the upper hand

confusion flees in all directions

hate fuels every empty soul


and still God reigns


beyond all fear, God reigns

above all confusion, God reigns

untouched by hate, God reigns


over all, God reigns


over me, God reigns


He is my hope

He is my certainty

He is my strong tower


between the thousand and the ten thousand

I will stand


On Psalm 91
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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