February 3, 2000


To the Girl on the Cover of the Mans Magazine

(an alternate attempt at temptation evasion)


this new technique Ill try today

and see if I allow it to succeed


your body graces the magazine rack

scant scraps containing your beauty

seen as I should see my wife alone


she of far greater joy

than your fleeting paper dreams

however much they promise


your pose arrayed to lust arouse


for who can love

what is not known


must have been studied

or practiced

to meet with such immediate success

for upon eyeing you my mind

instantly deserts my family, my loves

for the joys your body offers


scarce clothed

immodest showing all

but the essentials


seeking where none can follow

the pleasures of your love


theres a word misused

for it is not love we call love

that unmasks itself as lust


and fighting desperate

the urge to see you more

I pen these lines to your tribute


not to your body, for all it merits praise

nor the emotion raised, strong though it be

but to your higher, better self

that you of Gods design

beyond this earthly guise

you choose so to misuse


in the hopes that as a prayer

they will help to love, as would God

this one who seeks my ruin


I pray this One who stands beside

this failure as he writes

and prays

may also be seen by you

to your salvation

that you may be no longer used

by Hell, the author of mans doom,

to lead to their destruction,

and your own,

those your beauty snares


may the God who saves me

save also you


On the Cover of a Man's Magazinee
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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