January 10, 2020


once upon a time

I believed, like many, the




rapture of Gods elect

it was so exciting to think

Id be rising into Heaven

meet Him way up in the air

bid good-bye and fare-thee-well

to this tired old evil earth

I enjoy disaster stories and this

this would have been disaster

to end all disasters

would have been some story


filled with despair

devoid of hope

(unless Jenkins & LaHaye were right

and those left behind could come to faith)

it was fun to contemplate

unpredictably pilotless aircraft

uninhabited clothing

suddenly empty hugs

and know Id be above it all

it was comforting too

to think Id not have to suffer

as so many brothers and sisters



but I dont anymore

Ive been reading the Bible

often and very carefully

Ive found it to speak different

than those I used to follow

and Ive changed

I cant believe ought as the Bible says

no matter how exciting mans tale

it is far too selfish to hold

for one who longs to honour God

far more than he honours himself


Once Upon a Time
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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