June 28, 2018


One Hundred Years from Now


one hundred years from now

who can know what will be

we may at last have touched the stars

for so long we have reached

we may have ended hunger

or hatred

or warfare

or crime

or done any of a multitude of things

who knows, one hundred years

is an awefully long time

a lot can happen while we wait

one hundred years ago

we had scarcely taken wing

were traumatized by a war

stood, reeling, beneath horrid ills

had no idea our footsteps would touch the moon

or our emissaries traverse the stars

we knew naught but what was nearest

could not hear more distant voices

nor instant reply their distant word


I dont know at all


one hundred years from now

this world could be a world of wonder

who knows what the mind of man

will conceive or his hands achieve

whether good or ill


all I know for certain is


one hundred years from now

I will be dead

and what of me will matter most

is not is that I lived

nor how long

but how


One Hundred Years from Now
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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