May 24, 2016-July 7, 2018


One look at the wonder around us

and time-and-chance are but a farce

we wouldnt give either one a hope

(move along, nothing to see here)

And to claim that “God guided it”

through death and pain to “Good!”

makes the Bible no less of a farce

for changing meaning with times


Hope fails too if Mohammed is true

or Joseph Smith or Mary Baker Eddy

because if they are, then Jesus isnt

They cant ALL be right, can they?


And if this life I traverse yet again

I must know it, or whats the point

of coming back as a grasshopper if

as a grasshopper I couldnt dream

of being something more than bug


Or if this circle comes to an end

then surely man of all on earth

would protest against assimilation

as being far too low a destiny

for a being so magnificent as he


I absolutely refuse to on-dwell a beast

if for no other reason than that beast

must himself on-dwell another

and he another, and another …

(too tiring to contemplate the end)


Nor that we are but the outcome

of death, destruction and mayhem

among such gods as may care


No, it is a pointless, futile quest

to believe but as the Bible speaks

Try as I might to doubt it

of all Earths divergent words

it fits alone this puzzled life


One Look at the World Around Us
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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