May 16-30, 2021




even as you speak

"False teachers will attempt to deceive you"

you also speak

"It's OK for us to have differences in doctrine"

and I wonder if you even understand the irony

in one breath warning of false teachers

in your next breath falsely teaching

cohabitation of orthodoxy with disagreement

and I wonder on the orthodoxy of our faith

if differences of doctrine can be tolerated

(For example:

You believe our salvation cannot be lost

I believe it can be

Both of us cannot be right

You believe the first rider is the Anti-Christ

I believe he is not

Both of us cannot be right

You believe the enemy is not yet cast down

I believe he has been

Both of us cannot be right

Where you and I disagree

affects how you and I live

This is not doctrinal unity

it cannot be accepted)

remembering Moses, David, Isaiah, Peter, John, Paul …

who despite their education, emotion or experience

spoke each as one of their Saviour's gospel

brooked no disagreement

enabled no dissension

believed and taught that as God is one

so must His word also be


A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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