October 1985



in the sun

in the fall

brilliant flaming trees

ignited again

each time seen

redefine colour

oh God!

it's beautiful


in the morning

to sit at the dawn


sun rising through

morning's lace

gently drawing night aside

slowly raising morning up

oh God!

each day this show

praises you


and there's more

so much more


eternal glowing gems

friends and laughter

cavorting dogs

blowing grass

and softly singing birds


such beauty Lord

I do not deserve

yet here I am

amidst it all

for some reason

you alone can tell


you gave me to live

and use this world

you made

but surely Lord

I am too small

to accept

a gift so great

and use it right

to honour you

what if I make a mistake

and blow the job


help me Lord

that all I do

while I'm here

will be to you

guide my steps

and bless me Lord

so I may praise your name

and do it right


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