June 12, 1997


people are people no matter where you have them

at home

       (you know)

at work

       (you know it here, too)

in provincial politics

       (leaving secret documents

       upon the floor of a public hall)

or even the United Nations

       (dead-beat dads using law

       avoid the loss of cash to kin)


if we our faith in people place alone

we are doomed

for nowhere in all our books

do people vary from what they are



Within days of each other there

were two news reports.  One of

secret provincial govt papers

being left in a public hall of a

downtown hotel.  The second

of United Nations employees

using exemptions from various

laws to avoid having to pay child

support fees.


And our lives are in the hands

of people like this.  Good thing

that God is in control of my life.


People are People
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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