January 8-10, 2021


I suppose you could do that

wrap up your words in power

precede your grand pronouncements

with an "I decree and declare",

an "I proclaim" or an "I saw a vision"


But why, why would you speak

why would you say such things

Why name yourself a prophet

when your words contradict God's

Why give the world an empty hope

when He gives His for free


Do you truly speak the words of God

you whose words seem wishful thought

Do you not make as Gods your desires,

Do you not make as Gods your delusion

Do you not speak your own false hope

as from God Who gave you not a word


Does God still let you speak for Him

even now, as your words so often fail


Do you dare still speak your words for God

even now, though His words never fall


What would you gain by doing this

that could be greater than His Son


Why do you call yourself His prophet

when He would call you His child



Many prophets saw and revealed God's visions,

none but God ever says “I declare” or “I decree”

We usurp His authority using His words ourselves


A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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