November 13-14, 2019


Remembering the Eleventh


no, this is not about Remembrance Day

but about what happed to me on that day

driving home in the snow-burdened traffic

blinking lights illuminating my dashboard

warning beeps pleading for my attention

no radio, no rear defrost, no … anything

but a sudden need to merge right, to exit

this highway before it becomes my home

hazardously placed, lightless in the dark

forcing my way into unwelcoming spaces

praying, HARD, that this dying vehicle

makes it, doesnt die here, on the highway

God answering even my first-world prayer

“Kennedy Road, Next Right” beckoning

like its the smile of a long lost friend

beeping and blinking my fragile Journey

is prayed to a staggering stop at the light

my options all too suddenly reduce to one

to limp through the green to a parking spot

beneath a lamp such as Tumnus never saw

despite the snow falling gentle around me

no White Witch here, merely Ohms Law

but I am safe, neither stalled on the highway

nor cold and alone in an unconcerned dark

I am warm and inside Chapters, by a window

waiting for CAA to take me home to Ajax


Remembering the Eleventh
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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