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November 1985


screaming through a world

careening on and off


too familiar a friend


so much potential



so much life



the winds all howl and burn

blowing who knows where

still leaving where I am


sunlit portals some without

could all roads lead to Rome?

or heaven even


virtues taken

choices made

black cloud blue sky

rainy day or what



but for the grace of God

go I




but for the Devil

I could be there


hindsight blinding foresight

shadow voices passing wisdom


ghost like in the roar

tossed aside

so casually by the wind



I tremble

I cringe

at the edge of abyss

dare I take flight

and even so

could these wings soar

against that roaring wind


the wrack of other things


I know not what

they were


clutter at my troubled heart


these ruins

what of them

did they wait too long

or take the leap too soon


but what!

who cares

I am me and I still live

and while these limbs

possessed of life are mine

I fight

I dream


of what

or when

or how or who

and I


towering castles fortress solid

blown away as smoke in fall

that stormy autumn blast


no holds barred

it lives


replaced by others equally bold

to the task at hand

equally mute

before the force without


before my feet abyss gives way

too soon I must take my dive

following those to whom belonged

these bones now dead as dust

shall I prove equal

or come up less than whole


sudden gale

a cyclone plays my hand

blowing where it cares

this will now made of straw

dust before the wind

still blows


where is the sun

that once I loved


dares it shine

where night is hailed utmost


where will it end?


a small and naked man

humbled to his core




a bitter callous shell

proud to quell the storm


the eye draws near

but will I prove unworthy

or prove that I am still quite strong


tumults clash

within without

the leap draws nearer

will I be bird

or dust?


Screaming Through a World

A poem by Peter Rhebergen

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