October 22-23, 2018




and here we are, again

on the cusp of another

Halloweens tricks and treats

their joy as children prepare

for their eve of delicious fear

dreaming big costume dreams

dreaming bigger treat dreams

is palpable

surpassed by Christmas alone

or perhaps a special birthday

and shops run amok amuck

with their own celebrations

costumes, treats and ideas

of varying gruesomenesses

litter the shelves where once

Thanksgiving was arrayed

where soon Christmas joy

will have its glorious day


my peers take their own share

in Octobers annual festivity

indulge their own excitements

dream their own sweet dreams

unconcerned by consequence

or the rightness of this fun


but off to one side I wonder

can we whom God has saved

celebrate this ugliest of all days

have we the freedom to defile

His throne with these horrors

what reason could we give Him

that would justify or redeem

our diluting His perfect holiness

with the evil He could never love


A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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