June 25-26, 2018


Sir Isaac & Me


Sir Isaac sat under the apple tree


who knows?

maybe he just wanted to enjoy

the lovely day God gave him

maybe he wanted an apple

or a quiet place to think

I dont know


Ill never know


when he saw the apple fall

he felt the earth also rise


I would have felt nothing

would have eaten the apple

thanking God for His tasty gift

and gone on with my life

but Sir Isaac?

he saw the apple fall and thought

“Aha! Gravity! Mutual attraction!”

and next thing you know

Buzz and Neil are on the Moon

and Voyagers course among the stars


and I see that I am, unlike Sir Isaac

not one who defines gravity

but one who defers to it


which makes a world of difference


Sir Isaac & Me
A poem by Peter Rhebergen

Copyright 2021

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